According to a report from TMZ, a concert by the rap group Migos was held in New York on Friday, but it turned violent rather quickly. Those in attendance ended up in a massive brawl where trash cans were being thrown amidst the fighting. Unfortunately, the entire ordeal took a turn for the worse when six victims were reportedly stabbed during the rap concert.

Albany Police Department officials have said there were multiple stabbings and one robbery, all of which went down at the Washington Avenue Armory during, and after, the rap concert took place. Cops arrived on the scene for a stabbing at around 1 AM. They found two victims, both of whom were hospitalized following the incident. Victims three and four ended up walking into the emergency room on their own.

Within an hour, police were sent to a home where another report of a stabbing came in. At said home, the police discovered victims five and six from the concert. A young woman also claimed to have been beaten and robbed during the Migos concert.

All six victims have non-life threatening injuries. Cops, unfortunately, do not have a suspect, though they are investigating the entire situation.