North Korea is known for being the most private, closed off country on the planet. Most people within North Korea do not have access to the internet, or any form of the outside world really. This means that they don’t get to listen to popular music, watch television shows or movies. However, statistics show that exactly one person in North Korea listens to Radio One, every single day.

The obvious question is who? The fairly obvious answer is – Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea. The dictator is the only person in the country who has the power to authorize the use of the radio or internet, and to be quite frank, he probably would be a huge fan of The Weeknd or Taylor Swift. As a matter of fact, the stats also show that whoever is listening to Radio One also has a YouTube channel, and their favorite musicians are Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.

The ultimate hope is that eventually the freedom to make questionable music choices will be extended to all of North Korea, and not just this one person.