A few years ago, Paula Deen was accused of being a racist. Thursday’s Twitter posting of her son Bobby dressed up as Ricky Ricardo isn’t going to help, considering Bobby had put brown makeup on his face in order to look more latino. The effect is being called “Brownface” on Twitter and Facebook and has more than a few Internet users angry. It appears that Paula Deen knew this might be the reaction, because shortly after the picture was out up, with the caption “Lucyyyyyyy! You got a lot of esplainin’ to do! #Transformation Tuesday” it was taken down.

Obviously it wasn’t taken down quickly enough as there were more than a few people who grabbed screenshots of it. Some Twitter and Facebook users had time to talk about their lack of patience with the television star. Yahoo reports that at the moment, the Paula Deen camp isn’t talking about the situation. In fact, both Paula and Bobby’s Twitter accounts have gone pretty quiet since the tweet was pulled down. Still Paula, who was once accused of having her black employees dress up as Aunt Jemima doesn’t seem to have learned her lesson.