Japanese citizens are stockpiling huge amounts of toilet roll according to manufacturers. Sales have increased by a massive 500 million rolls since 2008 despite the fact that the country’s population has declined significantly since then.

The extra sales are even stranger as many toilets in Japan have built-in cleaning and drying functions, meaning that toilet paper isn’t strictly necessary for most trips to the loo. However, surveys have revealed that many citizens don’t trust these system and instead choose to use the traditional method of using toilet paper.

Experts believe that the stockpiling is a result of government advice to have a month’s supply to ensure that if there is a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami then people would still have toilet roll in their homes. One woman explained how she had much more than the recommended 15 rolls, as she has enough to stretch almost 2.5 miles. “They don’t go bad, so knowing that we have them on hand is a relief,” she said.