The good folks of Britain have decided they want to legalize marijuana by bringing a petition to light. Said petition already has 50,000 signatures, which are needed to bring up a serious government discussion for the legalization of the plant.

According to The Telegraph, upon reaching 100,000 signatures, parliament will be required to setup a time for a serious debate. Durham’s Police and Crime Commissioner has said his officers are no longer targeting people who grow marijuana for their own personal consumption. That is already a great start for legalization.

Should the UK opt to legalize the plant, they would follow a number of countries that have been stepping forward to do the very same. The attitude towards smoking pot has become lax lately. Cafes in the Netherlands, for example, sell marijuana over the counter. Small quantities are not an offense there.

In the UK, marijuana is currently a class B drug, which carries a sentence of up to 14 years in prison for supplying or producing the drug.