NBC Philadelphia’s local news is reporting a police officer identified as Darryl Cathey who, with bloodshot eyes and alcohol on his breath, resisted arrest and was charged with a D.U.I. after being seen driving a damaged police vehicle.

According to the report, a sergeant from the same district saw the three flat tires, bent rims, and the state of his fellow officer, when the damaged vehicle, driven by Cathey, happened to pull onto the same block. He smelled alcohol on his breath and a struggle involving multiple officers began quickly after. Officer Darryl Cathey was then arrested and charged.

Lt. John Stanford of the Philadelphia police is reported as saying, “The department takes these type of incidents seriously and behavior that doesn’t conform with department policy will not be tolerated.” The officer is expected to be charged with aggravated and simple assault and reckless endangerment, in addition to the DUI charge. No information has been given regarding the damages to the vehicle.