While there have been too many stories about bad police officers doing a bad job, this story shows there are still plenty of cops out there who just want to help people. South Pasadena California police officer Chris Perez was on his routine patrol of the area of York Bridge and San Pascual Avenue early on Thursday morning when he spotted a young girl crying and dangling approximately 80 feet over asphalt on the bridge.

According to KTLA, Perez stopped his car on the bridge and walked calmly over to the area and began speaking to her. During their conversation the officer learned that the girl lived in a group home and was fleeing the facility “for severe emotional reasons, wanting to die.” As they talked, Perez got the girl to agree to let him come closer and eventually come off the bridge. “She was too scared to climb back over, so I leaned over the railing … had her grab my hand, and then I grabbed the rest of her wrist, and she pretty much bear hugged me so that I could pull her back over to the other side.” Perez told reporters.