A group of Spanish clowns stripped naked and posed in front of the dividing wall at Jerusalem to protest Israeli policies towards Palestinians. Unfortunately for them, their method of free expression angered many of the very people whose rights they were trying to defend.

The clowns posted photos of their nude Holy Land protest online on Wednesday. The group, called Clowns in Rebellion, has six men and one woman. They all pulled down their pants and wore nothing but a red clown nose and hands covering their private parts. Their spokesman, Iván Prado, said, “When you stand before this shameful fence all humanity is naked.”

Although some Palestinians thought the shocking protest might help to gain worldwide attention to their cause, the clowns’ style of protest offended many Palestinians. People expressed their support or outrage on the clowns’ Facebook page. Some offended Palestinians felt that the protesters were disgusting and had behaved like animals. The activists have now posted an apology to any Palestinians who felt hurt by their actions.