Two Sikh men recently decided to break the religious oath pushing them through life in an effort to save four young men drowning in a local canal. These men didn’t think twice about removing their turbans and jumping into the water to save the teenagers.

One of the men, Inderpal Singh, witnessed the tragic accident, and then decided to leap into action. His turban was thrown aside, which is a massive no-no for his religion. He used the head-wrap as a flotation device to keep the boys from sinking underneath the water a second time.

The four teenagers were within the water in the canal for a religious ceremony. Here, the boys were supposed to submerge a Ganesha idol, but they lost their footing when a gush of water came by. The current pulled all of them underwater, but none of them could resurface.

Sikhs may only remove their turbans while bathing. There is, written in their religion, no other reason to remove it.