A massive amount of spiders have come together in a sort of community at Lakeside Park, Rowlett, Texas, to spin a communal web across almost every single tree within the area. The giant web has caused quite the commotion, gaining attention from people across the world, reports Field and Stream.

The web has been designed and crafted by thousands of spiders, and is an incredibly rare phenomenon that usually only occurs when their is an over-abundance of insect prey for the spiders within the area. The web is located near a large lake were mosquito hatches have been overwhelming, and the spiders are now banding together to create a giant trap for the newborn mosquitoes.

The communal web extends upwards of 40-feet into the air, wrapped around entire trees in the park, and is hundreds of feet long. The exact species of spiders have not yet been determined, though it has been found to be some type of long-jawed spider, which are harmless and non-aggressive towards humans. These particular spiders are also non-aggressive towards other spiders, which is a very rare trait among arachnids.