There’s nothing better than being cheered on by a legend. This is the situation in which English strongman – and Zangief from Streetfighter lookalike – Eddie Hall recently found himself in when he smashed the world deadlift record.

As Eddie managed to lift an amazing 1,018 pounds, the movie and bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger was at hand to give him vocal support. The event was held at the Austrian icon’s Arnold Classic Australia 2015 event. The previous deadlift record was set in 2014 by Benedikt Magnusson, Eddie beat the Icelander’s lift by 2 pounds.

Eddie said: “I had Arnold Schwarzenegger cheering me and he gave me a high five to congratulate me after the event – even though I left him hanging at first, oops!”. After the event Arnold congratulated Eddie on his Facebook page, writing: “This, ladies and gentlemen, is a world record deadlift at the Arnold Classic Australia. 462 kilos – 1,018 pounds. Congrats to Eddie Hall.”