A German police department recently lost an entire squad of SWAT members after they were forced to dissolve the unit. The group were disbanded after they drank a bit too much and destroyed their police department offices using a chainsaw.

Cologne Police Chief Wolfgang Albers Cologne spoke earlier this week, saying the Spezialeinsatzkommando unit, the German variation of SWAT, was removed after officers decided to haze a group of new recruits. These officers held a barbecue outside of their office as a farewell event, and said officers became highly intoxicated on various types of liquor.

The group of drunken police officers then made the decision to fire up a chainsaw and destroy the common room of their offices. That’s not all they did, however. The group also rode a motorbike through the hallway of the department while on their drunken shenanigans. Police are currently investigating a little further into the matter.