Earlier this week, Thai police held a press conference where they announced they had cracked the case when it came to the Bangkok shrine bombing. The culprit? Human Trafficking. Police Chief Somyot Pumpanmuang said his forces had “destroyed” a human trafficking network operating within the country, and the bombing was revenge for that — not for Thailand sending Muslim Uighur people back to China in July. This was the second time in a month that Pumpanmuang showed off thick bundles of money totaling 3 million bhat, or $83,000, and proclaimed that money was going to his agency in exchange for its hard work.

Authorities who had arrested a man known as both Bilal Mohammed and Adem Karadag had originally said it wasn’t likely he was the bomber. At this week’s press conference, authorities changed their tune and announced he most likely was the culprit. The police have arrested another man who they say had a role in the bombing after they recovered his cell phone, which they say was the trigger for the bomb.