If there are any children or adults out there who have never wanted spend a night sleeping within the iconic Batcave, well then there is something wrong with you and your childhood. Honestly, given the opportunity, anyone who has ever seen a Batman film, whether it be the newest or the older movies, would kill for the chance at spending a night in the same style of room where Bruce Wayne rests his head.

Thankfully, Taiwan’s Eden Motel has created an entire room that was built with the Batcave in mind. The room offers a bed that appears to be designed by Batman, a flatscreen television, a bathtub, miniature gargoyles, and a real Batmobile poking through the wall of the room.

However, this is not a hotel, this is a motel. That means the room is available hourly instead of nightly as some places will offer. It cost £40 for three hours within the Batman-themed room, but that money couldn’t be spent any better, honestly. Of course, you could always choose to stay in the Alcatraz prison room, a room dedicated to The Mummy, or perhaps even one with Sherlock Holmes’s particular style and flair.