We’ve all been tempted to steal a candy bar from the counter at our local shop, while the shopkeeper isn’t looking. However, what starts with a candy bar may very well end up in a $3 million shoplifting spree.

Shameless and proud, 54-year-old Kim Farry did give in to the temptation of shoplifting when she was nine, but as she got away with it, she got addicted and ended up doing a 44-year long spree, which made her over £2,000,000 ($3,000,000) in clothes and fashion accessories. Going as far as training her children to shoplift, the mother-of-six has a wardrobe even the biggest of celebrities would be jealous of. However, she doesn’t shoplift just for the thrill – she rather calls it a ‘job’ and a ‘business’.

“It really annoys me when people say I’ve never had a job because I worked at my business non-stop for over four decades. It just happens that my business was shoplifting.”

Although Ms. Farry’s ‘career’ did make her over $75,000 per year in the past few years, enough to support her family, she still pockets additional $800 per month from benefits.

The woman has had her fair share of busts and was jailed a few times during her spree, yet nothing made her quit. However, a few months back, as she was jailed yet again, she had to leave behind her six weeks old newborn, Paris. Set to change her ways because of Paris, the mother has not stolen anything for two months. However, Ms. Farry remembers her 44-year-old shoplifting spree with a smile.

“I was untouchable. I made millions and had a life most normal people can only dream of.”