A Turkey man who reportedly died after having a heart attack, came back from the dead after medics dropped him into an ice bath, Mirror reported. Dad-of-two Bulent Sonmez had visited the doctors complaining of a pain in his arm when he unexpectedly collapsed with a massive heart attack. Medics immediately attended to the man but failed to revive him after his heart stopped functioning. They decided to use a controversial therapeutic hypothermia treatment to decrease the temperature of his body to 30°C to restrict the effects of a shortage of oxygen on his body organs. Medics then quickly restarted Bulent’s heart, bringing him back to life.

However, the controversial procedure left the 40-year-old man with serious loss of memory. Bulent had no recollection of his children and wife and could just remember half his life. Bulent’s wife Sibel Sonmez said that she did not know how to explain the kids they had waiting at home. She further said that she tried to restore her husband’s memory by showing him family pictures; however, it took a long time to be able to convince him.