A mother and daughter have spent more than $86,000 on beauty treatments and plastic surgery to look like idol Katie Price.

Kayla Morris, 20, and Georgina Clarke, 38, wanted larger lips, bums and boobs, and say spending money on transforming themselves into their idol brought them closer together. Kayla said that her mother is her best companion and plastic surgery is their way of bonding. Each time they go under the knife they get closer to looking like the former glamour girl.

The duo funded their cosmetic treatments through Morris’s stripping job, which she has had since she was 17 years of age, before also finding a 50-something sugar daddy, who spend money on her until his spouse recently found out about their arrangement. Kayla decided she wanted a boob job when she was in primary school and Georgina liked the idea, having also become addicted to looking like the glamour girl. At present, the duo spend $7,500 per year on tanning beds and have had hair extensions, their teeth whitened, cheek fillers, botox and lip injections.