A two-year-old boy born in Uttar Pradesh, India, was born with three penises. Two of them were fully formed penises, but the third was a ‘soft, bony mass’. The young child is undergoing surgery to correct this rare anomaly at Sion hospital in Mumbai. He will be under the knife for 6 hours to correct this occurrence.

The boy, who is remaining unidentified, suffers from diphalia, a very rare condition where someone is born with multiple penises. He was only capable of passing urine through one of them, though. The doctors decided to fuse the working penises together and form an anal path. Doctors are saying he can have sex when he is older and his fertility won’t be affected in any way. Doctors also performed a colostomy — cutting a hole in his stomach to create a passage for excrement to pass through.

It’s an incredibly odd occurrence, and one that makes us cringe a little to even think of.