A toddler, who was recently discovered to have been abandoned and homeless, has been taken into emergency care after he was found breasfeeding from a pregnant dog. The young boy was discovered by a neighbor, who owns the dog the young child was suckling on.

The boy was instantly taken the hospital and treated for malnutrition, skin infections, and even head lice. His mother turned up at the hospital completely drunk, but she was not arrested as the police said the young boy had not suffered any physical harm at the time. Malnutrition sounds like a good reason for a mother to be arrested, honestly.

The neighbor, Lory Escudero, found the young boy within a mechanics workshop in Arica. She then called the police. Lory said: “We have our dog who is there and she’s pregnant. The hungry boy suckled on the dog’s teats for milk. Everyone that is here, we’re all parents and if you saw what we saw from my position as a woman – as a mother – it was terrible.”

A hearing will take place late this month in family court to see who will take care of the boy.