An undertaker in a Gelsenkirchen, Germany, was surprised and fainted when a cover of a coffin shifted, and the body of a woman got up and said hello. The doctor had declared the 92-year-old woman dead in a nursing home a few hours earlier.

Where am I?” the old woman asked while sliding the lid of a coffin. Waking up from fainting, the undertaker saw the woman still lying in the coffin with her eyes wide open. The undertaker checked the pulse of the woman and then immediately phoned the hospital, with an ambulance being sent to bring the “corpse” for a medical checkup.

The police are investigating the doctors and nurses who pronounced the woman dead Sunday. Based on a number of reports, a nursing home attendant found the old woman lying in her bed and believed her to not be breathing. The attendant then called a doctor. The doctor stated the elderly woman died before the undertaker took her.

This is terrible and inexplicable. We are being devoured by the press” said Lother Burger, the manager of the nursing home where the old woman lived.