If you’re anything like us – terrified of spiders – then you’ve probably had a nightmare or two about a massive spider crawling up out of your toilet and giving you a bit of a scare. Well, that appears to be coming true across Britain, as a venomous spider has begun to invade the country through the septic pipes.

This population of ‘false widows’ has soared well into the millions this year alone, and they really, really enjoy hiding in toilets, kitchens, and conservatories. The reasoning behind this invasion is because the country’s summer hasn’t been quite as bad as it was in previous years. This has offered the perfect breeding ground for the venomous spider.

Pest management consultant Clive Boase said: “We’ve had a reasonably warm year with very few cold snaps and no particularly extended periods of either dry or wet weather. That has led to more invertebrates, such as flies, to feed on and means false widows, as well as many other species of spiders, have been able to continue their development throughout the summer. They love conservatories and toilet blocks, window frames, porches, lofts and garages and they like to live beneath kitchen appliances and cupboards.”

The false widow is often confused with a black widow due to its appearance. However, the false widow does have a venomous bite, but it is similar to that of a bee or a wasp sting. The bite won’t kill anyone, thankfully.