Loretta Burroughs, 63, was found guilty on Tuesday for dismembering her husband’s body and keeping the pieces in separate plastic containers, then taking them with her when she moved. She could face life imprisonment.

In May 2013, Burroughs was arrested after Atlantic City P.D. found Danny Burrough’s remains in the guest bedroom of their previous home. Two large plastic containers were kept inside a locked closet. Inside one of the plastic containers police found the skull and jawbone of the victim. They were concealed inside an olive-colored handbag. Experts reported Danny Burroughs had been stabbed to death, chopped up into pieces with a knife and saw. The second, larger plastic container, contained more bones and decomposition fluid. Burroughs pleaded not guilty.

Detectives questioned her due to the disappearence of her husband in September 2007. In her statement, she declared her husband had left her for another woman shortly before the couple were due to move to Florida. Since the body wasn’t found, investigators were forced to abandon the case. The declaration of an unknown family member, who claimed to have more information, made the police re-open the investigation.

Loretta Burroughs moved a total of 3 times over 6 years, always transporting her husband’s remains from house to house. She was about to relocate a fourth time before police arrested her.