While having a couple drinks at Oscar’s Wine Bar and Bistro in Lancaster, Gaby Scanlon, 20, was offered a Nitro-Jagermeister shot to celebrate her birthday. After drinking the shot, however, she began feeling agonizing pain and was forced to remove some of her clothing as smoke poured form her mouth and nose.

This week, a Preston crown court heard how she was so close to death after “an explosion” happened inside of her stomach just four seconds after the cocktail was ingested. She said: “I turned to the man and asked if it was OK to drink. He said ‘yes’. Smoke was coming from my nose and mouth. Straight away I knew something was not right. My stomach expanded. The manager said nothing about waiting for it to die down.”

Judge Pamela Badley has said the bar showed a “flagrant disregard” for safety and its “failings fell very far short of standards.”

Obviously drinking liquid nitrogen, which is an ingredient within the cocktail, is incredibly dangerous already. If you’re going to party and drink something that heavy, you should know of the risks and consequences to doing such.